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Health and Healing Trends for 2022– Episode 105: Maggie Jaqua

Join Ann Louise and also Maggie Jaqua, Content Supervisor of WholeFoods Magazine, as they tackle the most recent fads, research study and supplements in the wellness sector moving right into 2022. According to Maggie, the huge news in 2022 will include Resilience (the holistic technique to resistance); Vibrance (healthy and balanced aging and also the reemergence of Elderberry and Ashwagandha as very immune natural boosters); Personalized Nutrition (because your body actually understands best), and also last yet definitely not least; Healthy and balanced Convenience Foods. According to Maggie, WholeFoods Publication is a one-stop resource for health as well as nutrition articles, offering valuable info concerning sector news, study, and trends.

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