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The TMJ Connection to Your Mystical Conditions– Episode 83: Dr. Jason Pehling, DDS

Jason Pehling, DDS, MS is a caring dental expert extraordinaire who focuses on TMJ, orofacial pain problems, and oral sleep medicine. An approximated 5 to 12% of grownups in the USA struggle with TMJ, according to the National Institute of Dental as well as Craniofacial Research. As Dr. Pehling clarifies in this remarkable interview, TMJ isn’t just an unpleasant jaw-TMJ commonly includes discouraging frustrations, ear symptoms, jaw standing out and neck discomfort hindering your daily life. Join Ann Louise and Dr. Pehling as they also discuss topics that affect all of us including web links between jaw – bite and airway as well as breathing, swallowing and also jaw function, bite as well as posture, TMJ and also frustrations, TMJ as well as ear troubles, what is jaw clicking and also securing and also what causes teeth clinching and grinding. This is an interview you will NOT wish to miss out on!

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